Let’s face it we all want to earn more salary. Don’t count on it happening all by itself. Yes, if you want a raise don’t expect it to happen all by itself, you have to ask for it and negotiate for yourself. With the looming high unemployment numbers once again the employers have the upper hand when it comes to salary increases. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips and techniques for negotiating your salary or salary increase.

Tip #1: Make sure you deserve what you are asking for. In other words, be realistic and do some salary research. A great place to start is Glassdoor.com. Employees post salary reviews and discussions form current and past employers.

Tip#2: Timing is everything. Pay close attention to the companies financial situation as well as your current boss or manager.

Tip#3: Be aware of company policy. Typically raises come once a year, so don’t miss out on your annual review. That is certainly the best time to discuss compensation.

Tip #4: Be prepared for any outcome. Just because you ask doesn’t mean you get. And also be prepared for the standard 5% cost of living increase. The key is be prepared as to why you deserve more.

So, what does it all boil down to. If you want a raise don’t expect it to come with you asking. Be realistic and be prepared.

Good Luck!

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