What are the best online job search methods I should use?

I am often asked this question and quite frankly there are many more options today then ever before. This is great for job seekers but at times can be a little overwhelming.

Social media is all the rage. Every day a new social media application pops up and claims to be the best one. Every day a new niche job board pops up. It seems there is a job board for just about every discipline, what exactly is a job in biomass anyway? And for job seekers this can be confusing.

My advice, keep it simple. Like many job seekers using online job search as a source of job hunting be sure look for simple, easy to navigate, well designed job sites. There should be a way for you to contact customer service, the site should serve a niche that you are interested in and of course the jobs are real. Do not apply to get rich quick or any weird stay at home jobs.

Take a simple approach, stick with what you know and the online job search process should go smoothly.

Good luck with your online job search.


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