Most working professionals are looking for ways to advance their careers. For some, career advancement starts on the first day on the job. Here a few tips to help you out.

10 Strategies to help you move ahead in your career:

  1. Talk to your boss about your future in the company.
  2. Ask for more responsibilities to increases your value within the organization.
  3. Sharpen your people skills, listen carefully to people, and practice being a clear and effective communicator.
  4. Never be afraid to think outside of the box. Stay on the lookout for creative solutions to problems that will make you — and your boss — look good.
  5. Develop mentoring relationships, either inside or outside the company.
  6. Keep learning. Stay on top of trends or developments in your field and make sure that your current resume reflects those needed skills.
  7. Strengthen your personal network and join professional organizations, attend industry conferences, or even volunteer. The more people who are aware of your strengths and abilities, the better your chances of hearing about any new opportunities that might arise.
  8. In business, your reputation is the most valuable thing you own. Be known for being dependable, professional, and cooperative.
  9. Act and look the part by dressing professionally.
  10. No matter the circumstance always act professionally.