Regardless of what you hear or read in the headlines public sector federal jobs can offer some really great opportunities. If you are seeking a competitive salary, job security and are interested in playing a part in the advance of the public good, then the public sector could be right for you. Most jobs offer a  40 hour work week along with excellent health and vacation benefits.

The good news is that government jobs are available at various skill levels and only a small percentage of federal jobs are located in Washington D.C.

There are also no common personality types for federal government jobs. The federal government is a true EEOC employer. Certainly highlighting your skill set is critical as it would be in any job search no matter public or private sector. Many of your private sector skills will transfer over to a public sector job. Depending on the type of job you are applying for, you may be required to perform additional assessments or clearances to determine your qualifications.

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